Kimono Dressing for the authentic and modern


Kimono sale at Matsuri Japan Festival

We always have so much fun at Matsuri Japan Festival. Come and see beautiful lines of kimono and haori at our kimono stall. Festival is organised by Matsuri in Sydney Inc and JCS ( Japan Club of Sydney) Plenty of Japanese entertainment, cultural activities, food and much more! Check matsuri in sydney's website for the next event day.

 Photo session

Model / instagramer Eclair and Paul's photo shoot at cherry blossom festival in Auburn. 
(video courtesy of  @paulpayasalad )


Kimono demonstrations

If you are a language teacher and would like to have kimono demonstration at your school please contact me.   Students will learn about kimono history, culture, meaning behind different kind of kimono and
I will dress one of your students in beautiful kimono so everyone can see and experience the art of kimono dressing. 

​Kimono fun day!

We have massive kimono sale at Matsuri Japan Festival 3 times a year so please come and
join us to celebrate Japan festival with great entertainment, festivities, food and
of course great range of gorgeous kimono and haori at our kimono stall!
For more information about upcoming event, visit their site. 
- School incursion -
Kimono Dressing Demonstration
If you are a language teacher and would like to have kimono demonstration at your school please contact me.   Students will learn about kimono history, culture, meaning behind different kind of kimono and
I will dress one of your students in beautiful kimono so everyone can see and experience the art of kimono dressing.
My wish is to support and encourage your students with their Japanese language studies and I hope this exercise will expand their knowledge and interests in Japanese culture.
- Learn how to wear kimono -
Introductory Course

This is a 6 lesson course. You will learn basics from how to authentically dress yourself in a kimono to tying your own obi. Once you've completed this course, you will come away feeling confident dressing yourself for those special occasions. Bring your own kimono, obi and dressing accessories you have. Or you can use our kimono and obi to practice with.  If you don't have dressing accessories, they will be available for you to purchase prior to the commencement of the course.

JTTI Test book is also available.

​Find the course curriculum on the pricing page.



​Qualification Courses

If you are someone who would like to perfect the art of kimono dressing, then this is the program for you. In Japan there is an official kimono dressing certification given by the Japan Tradition Technique Association. As an accredited teaching program, we have the privilege of offering each of the 4 levels as standalone courses. Once you complete each course, you will be given a certificate of accreditation.

​JTTI Text books are available for each level of the courses. 

​Find the course menu on the pricing page.

Qualification course is only available for those who complete Introductory course.





Whether you have a wedding, graduation or anniversary to attend, why not make a big entrance. We can dress you up in your kimono or you can rent one of ours for the special day! 



For those special occasions...



Introductory Course Curriculum

The traditional method of kimono dressing requires skill and technique.

It may look simple & elegant however it does require time and practice for you to master it.


You may feel overwhelmed upon hearing that more than 20 items of accessories are necessary to wear a kimono correctly.

In my kimono dressing course, you will learn how to dress yourself in the authentic way. Therefore all these accessories are compulsory for authentic kimono dressing. 

You will also learn how to apply every dressing accessory correctly, for different types of kimono and occasions. 

​Happy kimono dressing!

Japan Tradition Technique Instructor Association 

Qualification Courses



​Intermediate Course - Sen-ka Wasoushi Level 2

​専科 和装師2級

This course is about perfecting your self-styling and you will start learning the basics about how to dress in formal kimono dressing and arranged obi tying techniques.  You will receive an accreditation certificate of Wasoushi Level 2 at completion of this course.



​Instructor Course - Kenkyu-ka Wasoushi Level 1

​研究科 和装師1級

Kenkyu-ka course is where you will learn the skills necessary to dress others. This is the first step to becoming a professional kimono dresser. At the conclusion of this course, you will receive an accreditation certificate of Wasoushi Level 1.


Master Course - Shihan-ka 

​師範科 准師範

This is where things get serious, additional to the skills you have learnt, you will master highly skilled obi tying methods and gain a deeper understanding of kimono dressing as an art. You will receive an accreditation certificate of Jun Shihan at completion of this course.


Grand Master Course - Koutou Shihan-ka 

​高等師範科 和装高等師範

This is a teaching course.  You will learn how to teach others the skills of dressing and you will be able to teach and open your own classes. You will receive an accreditation certificate of Koutou Shihan at completion. By becoming a Koutou Shihan, you will also be able to beco a member of  the Japan Tradition Technique Association. Additionally you will be invited to their annual event for all professional masters. 





Kimono Demonstration

​~School incursion~

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

​Please send an email request.

Price may vary depends on the distance of travel.


Introductory Course

​~Learn how to wear kimono~

$250 p/p 6 lessons (2 hrs)

including JTTI completion certificate & Ishou jiki 

​JTTI Text book ($55) - optional

Dressinging accessories available for purchase

​Minimum 2 people


Dressing Service

​~For your special day~

$100  at studio in Balmain 

$50    additional charge for elsewhere in Sydney



All lessons are held in Balmain NSW

​0423 387 732   0423 387 732

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